Teen Drivers

Wtih guidance from parents and instructors, teens can ve some for the safest drivers

A lot is said about the poor decisions tees can make especially when it comes to driving. However, many teens are great drivers that understand the responsibilities of getting behind the wheel.

Reduce Your Teens Risk

Any driver can make a costly mistake behind the wheel; however teens are the most at risk. They bring to the road a unique mix of inexperience, distraction, peer pressure and a tendency to underestimate risk.

Some of the major risk factors teenage drivers now face are:

Nighttime driving

Practice, Practice, Practice,

Parents need to provide plenty of opportunities for teens to gain experience behind the wheel, covering as many situations as possible.

Get rid of distractions

Due to the high distraction rate, it is suggested that you ban all cell phone use in your teen’s car. Another huge risk reducer is prohibiting your teen from taking other teen passengers along for the ride.

Talk to your teen

Take time to have an open dialogue with your teen. Driving can be a stressful topic to discuss, but discussing the importance of seatbelts, proper driving position and following posted speed limits makes teens more focused on doing the right thing on the road.

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