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A task without a deadline is just wishful thinking. Sometimes, you can get away with procrastinating. If you never get around to alphabetizing your spices, no one’s life will change. But putting off some tasks could have a huge impact on loved ones. The close of the year is a good time to set some firm deadlines to make sure you won’t leave a financial mess for people you love if you unexpectedly die or
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Most parents in the U.S. provide some sort of financial support to their adult children, multiple surveys have found. But often, financial aid goes the other way. A 2015 survey by TD Ameritrade found 13% of American adults provided financial support to a parent. Millennials were far more likely than older generations to report they were helping their folks. Of people born between 1981 and 1996, 19% helped support their parents, compared with 13% of
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Chrystal McKay knew enough about medical care costs that she skipped the ambulance ride after a car accident. A friend drove her to the emergency room. That saved her one bill, but she faces another for more than $20,000 after her ER visit. The 29-year-old Stockton, California, woman must balance paying her debt with getting care for a sprained shoulder that may need surgery: “I have to weigh the pros and cons. I’m already $20,000
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Your household may be one of the millions this fall in which student athletes are dreaming of victory on their school playing fields. Of course, we here at J.G. Elliott want to see them succeed, but we also want them to be safe. So, here are seven tips for students, parents and school staff to keep in mind as the new season gets underway: Start off on the right foot: All athletes need a preseason
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Whether dropped on your vehilcle, home or head, hail is not to be taken lightly. According to reports, hail accounts for 42% of all comprehensive auto claims during April, May and June. For the Scottsbluff area, August may end up taking the crown in 2019. Now that the storm has moved on, do you know what to do during the aftermath? JGE associate Luray Neuwirth provides some helpful tips: – Be safe. Inspect your home
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