Moving on Up!

John and Megan Massey purchased the J. G. Elliott Company from his parents in 1994 and in 1995 construction on our new building at 2525 Circle Drive began.

The Agency Was Passed On

The Agency was purchased by Jim and Dorothy Massey son-in-law and daughter of Jack Elliott, who retained the J. G. Elliott Company name. Due to the growth of the business it was necessary to add to the existing building in 1980. This facility served our customers well...

We Moved!

The Murphy Building was demolished to make way for their new department store. The J. G. Elliott Company then moved to their new office at 23 East 18th Street.

The Beginning

J. G. Elliott Company began as the Wakefield Insurance Agency in 1920 in an office in the Bluffs Theatre Building. It became known as Wakefield & Elliott Inc. when Jack Elliott joined the firm in 1925. When Jack Elliott bought out Wakefield the name was changed to...